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IMWAYR: Appreciation – National Poetry Month

I’m taking the time to appreciate things more this week, and celebrating National Poetry Month continues with odes and “fun” poems. Last week I finished a bunch of children’s poetry books. This week, I’ll continue to read poetry, especially Odes to Common Things by… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Appreciation – National Poetry Month”

Book Review: Jack Kerouac Is Dead to Me (Due April, 2020)

Gae Polisner’s new novel, Jack Kerouac Is Dead to Me, is due in April 2020 from Wednesday Books, but you should pre-order this now. JL Markham’s teen years seem typical, and yet this main character grabs the reader’s attention and holds on for dear… Continue Reading “Book Review: Jack Kerouac Is Dead to Me (Due April, 2020)”