IMWAYR: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Edition

It’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so I’m home from school, but I’ve been rereading many of my favorite books that encourage action and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision for our country. I read that we should “Remember, Celebrate, and Act” and what better way to ACT than to READ and SHAREContinue reading “IMWAYR: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Edition”

IMWAYR: January Starts Successfully!

I’ve been reading! I’m continuing A Rover’s Story, Love From Mecca to Medina, and Apartment 713, and I’ve already read some picture books that I wanted to get to in 2022. Here’s a new one you may like and recommend to your readers…Mega-Predators of the Past by Melissa Stewart and Howard Gray. It’s Monday! WhatContinue reading “IMWAYR: January Starts Successfully!”

IMWAYR: Falling Behind in the Snow

Winter is here, the snow has come to town, and I’m falling behind in my reading. You would think I had more time to read over the weekend, being stuck inside and all, but the weather headache took over and we had to shovel, too. Hopefully this week will be better. NetGalley: I opened TheContinue reading “IMWAYR: Falling Behind in the Snow”

IMWAYR: Congratulations to the #alayma Winners!

I think it’s part luck that I chose Everything Sad is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri to read this week, because today the book won the Michael L. Printz Award! I spent most of the day reviewing the complete list of ALA’s Youth Media Awards and celebrating as each book was named during the live webcast.Continue reading “IMWAYR: Congratulations to the #alayma Winners!”

IMWAYR: MLK Jr. Day and Not much reading this week

I probably won’t read much this week, honestly, due to students coming back to the school buildings and the Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday. I wish you all a thoughtful and reflective Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and hope for peace and love to continue into the future. NetGalley Reading: I started Red, White, and WholeContinue reading “IMWAYR: MLK Jr. Day and Not much reading this week”

IMWAYR: Trying to keep the Pace

This week I’m trying to keep the pace by reading instead of watching the news. The USA is in turmoil. I’ve decided that if I keep reading, I can be more intelligent and then I’ll know how to respond more appropriately to the news. I’m hoping to improve my attitude. NetGalley Reading: I will startContinue reading “IMWAYR: Trying to keep the Pace”

IMWAYR: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, fellow readers! In an attempt to be more organized about my reading this year, I’m trying something new (we’ll see how long this lasts). Each week I’ll read physical books, listen to an audiobook, and read a NetGalley book, and then share my thoughts. This week I’m still working on 2020 titlesContinue reading “IMWAYR: Happy New Year!”

IMWAYR: PREview – The Shape of Thunder

I don’t read many books in one day, but The Shape of Thunder was such a gripping story, I had to finish before bedtime. Cora and Quinn used to be best friends, before Quinn’s brother did the most awful thing one can imagine to Cora’s sister, Mabel and others at the local high school. TheContinue reading “IMWAYR: PREview – The Shape of Thunder”