IMWAYR: Trying to keep the Pace

This week I’m trying to keep the pace by reading instead of watching the news. The USA is in turmoil. I’ve decided that if I keep reading, I can be more intelligent and then I’ll know how to respond more appropriately to the news.… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Trying to keep the Pace”

IMWAYR: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, fellow readers! In an attempt to be more organized about my reading this year, I’m trying something new (we’ll see how long this lasts). Each week I’ll read physical books, listen to an audiobook, and read a NetGalley book, and then… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Happy New Year!”

IMWAYR: PREview – The Shape of Thunder

I don’t read many books in one day, but The Shape of Thunder was such a gripping story, I had to finish before bedtime. Cora and Quinn used to be best friends, before Quinn’s brother did the most awful thing one can imagine to… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: PREview – The Shape of Thunder”

IMWAYR: Picture Books and PD

Another busy week is behind me; I’m ready for the week to come, thanks to good books. I finished the graphic novels and picture books from last week, and added another picture book. I won Hello, Neighbor! The Kind and Caring World of Mister… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Picture Books and PD”

IMWAYR: Distracted

I know I said I was going to start A Promised Land, but I got distracted by book mail at school. Our students are doing virtual learning this week, but teachers are still working in the buildings. Opening book boxes made me feel like… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Distracted”

IMWAYR: Continued…Happy Holiday Weekend!

Reading…continued…I will finish up the graphic novels from last week — Superman Smashes the Klan, The Oracle Code, and Doodleville — and add a new one to this week’s list, Twins (by Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright). I’m so happy my indie bookstore, Brain… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Continued…Happy Holiday Weekend!”

IMWAYR: Graphic Novels COUNT as Reading!

I pulled a little collection of graphic novels out this week because we have three of them in our Battle of the Books stack this year and because Junior Library Guild delivered more with our school subscription last week. They will keep me busy,… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Graphic Novels COUNT as Reading!”

IMWAYR: Listening to Craft Moves

It’s the day before Election Day in the USA. Times are tense. Anxiety runs high. I’m focused on reading. To keep my mind at ease, I think about the authors who craft their stories and question how they seem to get it all right… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Listening to Craft Moves”

IMWAYR: Chilling Tales for Cold FAll Evenings (plus)

It’s getting darker earlier. It’s cold outside. The end of October is here. This is a good week for some chilling tales (and more). Chilling Tales… Long Way Down: The Graphic Novel by Jason Reynolds, brought to life by Danica Novgorodoff, literally gave me… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Chilling Tales for Cold FAll Evenings (plus)”

IMWAYR: Book Mail!