Cover Reveal! The Great Caper Caper (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5) by Josh Funk

Cover Reveal of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5: The Great Caper Caper by Josh Funk & illustrated by Brendan Kearney My family has followed the Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast series since the beginning (2015). My granddaughter and I were #TeamLadyPancake and my husband and daughters were #Team SirFrenchToast. Once, we hadContinue reading “Cover Reveal! The Great Caper Caper (Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast #5) by Josh Funk”

IMWAYR: Spring Break at Home

It’s Spring Break! Since we are home for the duration, I decided to re-read some amazing books along with the authors this week. One of the positive memories I will take away from the COVID-19 mess is the authors and illustrators who generously give their time to read aloud to a wide virtual audience, includingContinue reading “IMWAYR: Spring Break at Home”

IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs

I’m spending the week with my granddaughter and today we headed to The Brain Lair Bookstore to visit Kathy (the owner and my book buddy). “M” spied one of her favorite authors right away and said, “Hey! Look! We have How to Build a Sandcastle! How about we get It’s NOT Jack and the Beanstalk?”Continue reading “IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs”