Book Review: THE WRITE THING by Kwame Alexander

Have you ever wanted to start a writing workshop in your classroom? Do you run a writing workshop that needs some…tweaking? THIS is your answer! Kwame Alexander’s The Write Thing: Kwame Alexander Engages Students in Writing Workshop and You Can Too is THE how-to guide to get started (or to change your boring routine). KwameContinue reading “Book Review: THE WRITE THING by Kwame Alexander”

Reading Teacher Writes — Summer Plans Lead to a Fabulous Future

It’s been an interesting year here at Reading Teacher Writes. I got to live my dream of serving students and spreading book love as a school librarian in my fabulous middle school. The highlights of the year included Kwame Alexander, poet and writer extraordinaire, visited our city and surprised one of our students (and hisContinue reading “Reading Teacher Writes — Summer Plans Lead to a Fabulous Future”

Review of Upcoming Book, REBOUND, by Kwame Alexander (04/02/18)

Rebound, the prequel to the Newbery-Winning title, The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander, tells of childhood days of Charlie “Chuck” Bell (Josh and Jordan’s father). At the age of 12, Charlie had already experienced love and loss, carrying much baggage to his grandparent’s house in the summer of 1988. “It was the summer when Now andContinue reading “Review of Upcoming Book, REBOUND, by Kwame Alexander (04/02/18)”

February 10th: Nonfiction 10 For 10 (nf10for10)

It’s February 10, 2018, and all the local news revolves around the deep snow and Winter Olympics, so I’m going to use the news for my theme. My nonfiction picture book “10 For 10” has me thinking about winter (#nf10for10). The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty (Kenneth Libbrecht): Pair this nonfiction book with Snowflake Bentley (JacquelineContinue reading “February 10th: Nonfiction 10 For 10 (nf10for10)”

This is NOT a review of THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE

This is NOT a Valentine. It’s just a little note that tells readers they will enjoy this lovely picture book by Carter Higgins! Carter has taken all the Valentine-stereotypes and threw them out the school bus window, and shows us what Valentine messages really mean. Valentines sparkle; they’re pink and glittery. But you might likeContinue reading “This is NOT a review of THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE”