IMWAYR: Can’t Talk! Must Read!

With only one week until summer school, I’m reading like a bookworm! Here’s what’s up for this next week… Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga (from last week’s list) The Paris Project by Donna Gephart Give and Take by Elly Swartz Anthem by… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Can’t Talk! Must Read!”


As I plan for summer school, I’m trying to finish as much reading as I can before I don’t have time during the day to “just read.” This week… I finished The Tornado by Jake Burt. Wow! If this story is fiction, then it’s… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Just READ”

IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs

I’m spending the week with my granddaughter and today we headed to The Brain Lair Bookstore to visit Kathy (the owner and my book buddy). “M” spied one of her favorite authors right away and said, “Hey! Look! We have How to Build a… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs”

IMWAYR: Summer Reading Begins!

It’s FINALLY summertime, and while I only have a little time off, I’m ready to read and write much more. Here are the two best reads of my first week of summer: The Bridge Home, by Padma Venkatraman – Viji and her little sister,… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Summer Reading Begins!”

IMWAYR: Thrilling & Beautiful Books

The weather hasn’t been nice lately – rain most of the time – which gives me lots of inside time to read. This week I share an upcoming YA thriller and a new picture book. Every Stolen Breath, by Kimberly Gabriel Set in modern-day… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Thrilling & Beautiful Books”

IMWAYR: Books for All Ages

It’s been a wonderful year for reading so far! In the first five months, I have read new favorite titles, re-read former favorites, and have been lucky enough to read upcoming titles that I’m sure to add to my favorites list. This week for… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Books for All Ages”

IMWAYR: Picture-Book-Palooza

I spent the evening re-reading picture books, and it was the most entertaining time of the day. I chose serious picture books first, then went for the funny ones to end my reading day on a light and enjoyable note. I love reading! What… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Picture-Book-Palooza”

IMWAYR: “I’m Taking the Day Off”

You know that scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere’s character, Edward, calls into work and says, “I’m taking the day off?” That’s how I feel today. After reading for a week straight for different purposes, I took this evening to complete other tasks:… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: “I’m Taking the Day Off””

IMWAYR: Re-reading and New Titles

What a week! I spent time re-reading some titles and digging into new ones. We are Grateful/Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell — This book is beautiful and I’m grateful to have it in my hands! I’m grateful for the ability to read and celebrate reading… Continue Reading “IMWAYR: Re-reading and New Titles”

March: Book One — Read Now!

In elementary school I learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I read about his calm demeanor, listened to his moving speeches, and learned about a dark time in my American history. However, I felt like I was hearing only parts of a… Continue Reading “March: Book One — Read Now!”