IMWAYR: Picture Books, a Story Collection, and a Bonus

Bonus comes first today — THE SILENCE BETWEEN US by Alison Gervais (Blink YA Books) comes out TOMORROW! Maya Harris must leave Pratt School for the Deaf and attend a hearing school — for her senior year in high school! It’s bad enough being the new girl, but she needs a personal interpreter for everyContinue reading “IMWAYR: Picture Books, a Story Collection, and a Bonus”

IMWAYR: Finishing Up and Planning for the Start of School

I didn’t read the stack of books in one week (see post from July22 here) like I wanted. I’m finishing up Anthem and Other Words for Home this week, as well as re-reading picture books I want to use in the first quarter of the school year. During summer school, I shared several nonfiction pictureContinue reading “IMWAYR: Finishing Up and Planning for the Start of School”

IMWAYR: Can’t Talk! Must Read!

With only one week until summer school, I’m reading like a bookworm! Here’s what’s up for this next week… Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga (from last week’s list) The Paris Project by Donna Gephart Give and Take by Elly Swartz Anthem by Deborah Wiles (These three are publishing in October 2019. Preorder yourContinue reading “IMWAYR: Can’t Talk! Must Read!”

IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs

I’m spending the week with my granddaughter and today we headed to The Brain Lair Bookstore to visit Kathy (the owner and my book buddy). “M” spied one of her favorite authors right away and said, “Hey! Look! We have How to Build a Sandcastle! How about we get It’s NOT Jack and the Beanstalk?”Continue reading “IMWAYR: Picture Books and Memoirs”

IMWAYR: Summer Reading Begins!

It’s FINALLY summertime, and while I only have a little time off, I’m ready to read and write much more. Here are the two best reads of my first week of summer: The Bridge Home, by Padma Venkatraman – Viji and her little sister, Rukku, live a hard-knock life (literally) in India. Appa drinks andContinue reading “IMWAYR: Summer Reading Begins!”

IMWAYR: Thrilling & Beautiful Books

The weather hasn’t been nice lately – rain most of the time – which gives me lots of inside time to read. This week I share an upcoming YA thriller and a new picture book. Every Stolen Breath, by Kimberly Gabriel Set in modern-day Chicago, Every Stolen Breath is a fast-paced, YA thriller that readersContinue reading “IMWAYR: Thrilling & Beautiful Books”

IMWAYR: Versify! Many Books to Read

Spring Break is over and it’s time to get back to reality. Wait! Not quite! It’s the Kwame Alexander “Versify” and “Crossover/Booked” Bus Tour! That means more traveling for me, which is exciting! The Versify books (new imprint of HMH Books curated by Kwame Alexander) published on Tuesday, April 2nd, and I’m reading them thisContinue reading “IMWAYR: Versify! Many Books to Read”