Best Books of 2019 – What a Year of Reading!

Here it is! The Best Books of 2019! What a Year of Reading! I pored over my book lists and reviewed my book stacks to create this “Best of 2019” list. I found it difficult to decide which books are “best,” since I (pretty much) like everything I read. I’m also a reader who readsContinue reading “Best Books of 2019 – What a Year of Reading!”

Book Thoughts: White Bird by R.J. Palacio

After reading Wonder for the “ump-teenth” time, I was adding it to my list of “Books of the Decade” today and I WONDERED how this book has stayed at the top of “kids’ favorites” lists for so long. Of course, it’s the story, which is universal and “real” for students in schools (and their parentsContinue reading “Book Thoughts: White Bird by R.J. Palacio”