Book Review: Green Lantern: Legacy

Mihn Lê adds to the popular trend in middle grade books — comic book heroes — with Green Lantern: Legacy. (DC Comics, 2020)

Teen artist, Tai Pham, hangs out and draws in his grandmother’s (Bà’s) store, Jade Market, after school, dreaming of his future. Another brick through the front window, another attack. The family (who lives in the apartment upstairs) wants Bà to sell the store, but she refuses, saying, “We will not let fear drive us from our home. Not again.” She refers to leaving Vietnam many years ago and shows her resolve to keep what she and her family have gained from years of work in Coast City. Jade Market is not just a store. It is home.

When Bà passes, her jade ring becomes Tai’s keepsake. What he learns is that ring chose him to join in a secret — a society of space cops called Green Lanterns — who work against fear, and Yellow Lanterns, to save the earth. Can he handle the power and pressure? Tai’s friends may be able to help him, but he must find his inner strength to carry on his grandmother’s legacy.

This new graphic novel is sure to capture attention from a wide range of readers. Andie Tong’s colorful comic illustrations and Minh Lê’s captivating text make this book a must-read for middle school readers, and there are references to woo the adult crowd, as well. Add Green Lantern: Legacy to your reading list today.

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